Tips on Getting the Best MTN Data Bundles for Android

Wouldn’t you like to have an insight about these newly launched MTN data bundles that could help reduce your data bills? These plans can work on any device. So, it doesn’t matter if you are using a PSP console, Android smartphone, an IOS (Apple) device, and a laptop (through your modem), these plans are compatible with your device and it will work smoothly for you.

MTN Data Plan for Android

The Android device works in a way in which almost everything you do on it will be connected to the internet world. However, the plan you select depends solely on your budget. Below are lists of my data plans for Android device: 3.5GB for ₦2,000. It should be able to handle the Instagram, optimum Facebook, and twitter usage. It has a 30 days validity period and can be activated via this code, *110#.

However, if you are on a low budget, you can decide to opt for the 1.5GB plan. The cost is just #1,000. The activation code is *106#. It will last for 30 days too.

If you fall into the category of heavy user like myself. You can opt for the 10GB or 22GB plans. It cost ₦5,000 for 10GB and ₦10,000 for 22GB respectively.

MTN 1GB Data Plan

From records, it shows that this is the most common MTN Data plan. The cost didn’t change and is still ₦1,000. And the good news is that the data rate has been increased. 500MB has been added and it is now 1.5GB.

How to subscribe to the MTN 1.5GB plan: The MTN data plan activation code for 1000 naira is *106# OR you can just send 106 via a text message to 131. It will last you for one month after subscription and it is categorized as a monthly plan.


MTN 500 Naira Data plan

This is another popular choice amongst the MTN data bundles. Although, this data plan will last for only one week (7 days). The data rate is 750MB. You can subscribe via this code *103# (or send 103 via text message to 131).

It is ideal for the normal phones that doesn’t require too much of data consumption. However, you might use it when you have run out of data for your PC or Android. I will, however, recommend that you don’t use it for your Smartphones as your normal subscription plan. It is better if you opt for the monthly plan.

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