A Look At The General Considerations for a Gas-powered Under The Counter Ice Maker

Under counter, ice makers are utilized in areas where there are enough spaces to contain them. This frequently happens with numerous bar configurations where cocktail stations and coolers occupy a large part of the room. It is advisable to opt for the under the counter ice maker which is used as an auxiliary source for ice if the main area is located in a zone that is not suitable for transportation. You must, however, consider that due to smaller ice yields, it is not wise to use under counter machines as the main source of ice for a high volume bar or restaurant. However, using this will eliminate the need of moving ice from one area to the other.

Also, installing an under the counter ice maker is not complicated and it comes with ease. Ice makers require three basic things to function: an adequate water supply, a floor drain, and electricity. Some smaller cabinet design or under counter ice makers can function without a floor drain. Always ensure that you peruse through the manufacturer’s manual thoroughly before shopping for the product and have an insight into the specifications and functions of the under counter ice maker.

Generally, most under counter ice makers are connected with a cord and plug and require only 120 volts for its operation. A lot of the larger commercial ice makers need clearance from both sides of the marker in order to effectively circulate the air. The main features which distinguish the under counter machines from others are that they use a design with front air discharge. This allows the breathing needed to cycle the refrigeration to circulate through the front of the unit. Eliminating the need for both sides clearance means that under counter ice makers can fit into a constricted zone.

Like larger modular elements, an under the counter ice maker comes in different forms or ice cubes shapes. These vary depending on the producer. We tend to notice that any “shot glass” style or cube shape ice will be suitable for any bar beverages. Taking these factors into consideration will give you an insight on what to expect when shopping for this product.

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